Solar power for Metro stations

To reduce dependence on grid generated power, Lucknow Metro Rail Corporation has started using solar power to light up Metro stations and depot. The 1MW solar energy being produced at Transportnagar depot is feeding power to run lights, lifts, escalators, air conditioners at functional eight Metro stations and the depot. However, even after use, a lot of solar energy is remaining surplus which is being fed into the depot’s grid and would be used later to supply power to the upcoming Metro stations on the North-South corridor. This would be a wonderful initiative towards savings of Power and running cost of the Metro. Congratulations to the team who took initiative for the same. Sunil K MehrotraOfficials said they are building another sub-station at Munshipulia too that would generate solar energy. Both substations at Munshipulia and the depot would be sufficient to cater to all Metro stations on N-S corridor. At present, LMRC draws 6 mega volt ampere power from UPPCL. Both solar and 6 MVA power are fed daily into LMRC grid to supply power to Metro trains, stations, and depot. It's inspiring to see how beneficial Solar energy can be in our day to day lives even outside of our homes. If a whole grid of Metro stations can be powered purely by Solar energy, with surplus to save, imagine what it can do for your house! Take the first step and check out to see how solar can benefit your home.

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