5 Irresistible Reasons To Go Solar

Homeowners around the country, and cities around the world, are installing solar panel systems on their roofs to take advantage of this clean, renewable way to generate power.

So why should you go solar? How does it benefit you?

Here are 5 of the top motivations for homeowners and business owners–and even some renters–to make the switch from traditional electricity to solar power. 1. It’s a solid home investment. It’s fair to say that many of the home improvements that you will make won’t add quite the equal value to your house as the money that you put into them. Solar energy, on the other hand, will save you money from your energy bill each month. 2. Solar has a fixed energy cost. Electricity from utility providers is never guaranteed a set price, rising and falling seemingly without cause or effect. And without any other option, consumers have no choice but to pay whatever the current price is.

The cost for a solar system, on the other hand, remains the same. If you choose to lease or finance your system, then you have a set, minimal monthly payment that replaces your electricity bill. If you purchase your panels in full, from then on your energy cost becomes $0.

That’s right, $0. 3. It’s good for the environment. Unlike conventional power, solar produces no harmful emissions that hurt the environment. It’s a clean, renewable process that uses the most natural of all resources: the sun. 4. You can use your Solar Energy all day. One of the many myths about solar power involves perceived limitations on the energy-generating potential of solar panels. Solar energy is generated from daylight, not sunlight. So even on cloudy, rainy days, your panels will be working to produce energy. All that energy accumulates in the morning and afternoon hours, the whole time that the sun is up, producing more electricity than you can use. Currently, all solar energy providers keep you connected to the grid. So any excess energy is pushed back onto the grid, actually causing your utility meter to spin backward, crediting your account. Then, in the evening hours, you will be using the credited energy from the meter. This excess energy does not expire and is similar to rollover minutes with your telephone company. 5. Solar Energy systems are durable. Solar panels have no moving parts, and so are not damaged easily. This lowers the chance for an interruption in service.All solar panels are exhaustively tested to ensure that they can withstand high winds and extreme weather conditions, such as hail and heavy snowfall. Every solar panel used by skilled installers such as 1st Light is guaranteed to be as strong or stronger than your roof itself. We've given you 5 reasons to switch to solar, now it's your chance to actually do it! Make The Switch Now: www.ImpulseAustralia.com

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