Aerial photos released, shows how many homeowners have Solar Units

From just walking down the street it may be difficult to notice how quickly solar is being embraced by homeowners across Australia, but a view from the sky has a very different story.

Aerial photos have emerged showing the enthusiastic uptake of solar in many parts of the country.

Data from the Clean Energy Regulator has been used by to identify the postcodes with the highest solar uptake since 2001.

It’s probably not surprising that Queensland, the “Sunshine State”, is home to seven of the top 10 postcodes. Western Australia claimed the remaining three spots.

The area that recorded the most solar units installed since 2010 was 4670 in North Bundaberg, Queensland, with 11,756 units installed. This was closely followed by 6210 in Erskine, Western Australia, which is located just south of Perth. Rooftop solar units are booming across this country and homeowners are proudly showing off their panels while saving their money. The following aerial photos hold the proof.

Caloundra, Queensland. Picture:

Nikenbah, Queensland. Picture: It's easier to own a rooftop solar unit than you think, Check out to find out how.

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