Half of Australia's roofs suitable for solar and unused

Over 1/2 of the nation’s roofing area is suited to solar panels but is currently unused, with industrial suburbs accounting for most of this spare capacity. According to new University of NSW (UNSW) research, 40 per cent of Sydney’s rooftops are capable of producing the equivalent of 22 per cent of the Sydney CBD’s energy usage. Currently, solar panels only account for around one per cent of the city’s roof space. Research shows that 38 per cent of Melbourne’s roofing is solar suitable, which if fully deployed would produce 12 per cent of the city’s electricity needs. Brisbane’s roofing is even more up to the task with 45 per cent capacity, while even half of the roofing in fog-prone Canberra is suitable. The research, prepared for the Australian Photovoltaic Institute (APVI), takes into account variables like the orientation of the prospective panels and the degree of overshadowing from vegetation or other buildings, as well as the hours of sunlight that will be produced. Not surprisingly, the highest potential is in suburbs or precincts with large expanses of flat factory and warehouse roofing.

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