Largest Solar Panel Installation at Charles Sturt University?

A university in southern NSW claims to have installed what is Australia's largest rooftop solar power system so far.

Charles Sturt University (CSU) has switched on a 6,000-panel system at its Wagga Wagga campus, at a cost of $3.2 million.

CSU green manager Edward Maher said it was significant milestone not just for the university, but for the renewable energy industry in Australia.

"What we found was that due to the number of parties looking to finance projects like this, the power savings is worth more than the repayments we're making on the system," Mr Maher said.

The system produces 1.77 megawatts of power, roughly the equivalent of powering 400 typical Australian households. "Being a university, we feel it's important that we take active steps in leadership and success in terms of sustainability for the future of the region, the community, and our staff and students," Mr Butt said. CSU was declared carbon-neutral in 2016, and expects the solar panels to reduce carbon emissions by a further 2,500 tonnes.

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