Solar Panel Boom in Sydney

Sydneys's western suburbs are showing new figures that they are home to 6 of the top 10 areas for solar panel installation in New South Wales.

“Over 380,000 rooftop installations now sit on houses and businesses across NSW, making up 1300 megawatts of capacity — that’s the equivalent capacity of a major power station,” Don Harwin (NSW Energy Minister) said.

The latest figures from the Australian Photovoltaic Institute show more than 65,000 rooftop solar systems are installed in Western Sydney, with the Hills and Penrith also eager to be early adopters. Currently, consumers get a rebate worth a maximum of about $160 per solar panel, so for an average-sized system of 20 panels, results in a rebate of around $3200. According to solar experts, the federal government could cut everyone’s consumer electricity bills by a colossal $150 million a year by lowering the solar rebates with the stroke of a pen. Dan Foster, a spokesman for clean energy finance provider Demand Manager, said Labor senator Penny Wong had put in place a trigger in clean energy laws to review prices if six million certificates were - But the actual generation was 17 million, so he said “we’re overdue a review”. “It looks like the rebate is not so important any more for consumers,” Mr Foster said. “There is a trigger in the legislation that says when the solar subsidy reached $240 million that it would be reviewed­.“ "Dropping the rebate by a quarter would save all electricity consumers money and not unduly affect solar uptake.“We’re at about $600 million per annum now, so there is an argument it is time for a review­,” he said.

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