How This Couple Paid Under $5 For Their Electricity Bill

Families across Australia are bracing themselves before opening their winter electricity bills — which can often hit $1000 — and they're preparing for a hot costly summer while one NSW couple found the solution which cost them under $5!

David and Jenny Kidd paid just $3.79 for electricity throughout September after installing solar panels on the roof of their home.

When the Kidds fitted solar panels to the east side of their home in northern NSW in August their goal was to get their bills as close to zero as possible — and it’s working!

“It feels great to be able to provide the bulk of our electricity needs from our own installation with the grid only as a backup for longer periods of cloudy weather,” Mr Kidd, 64, said.

“We even had a power outage during the month after the new system was installed — the added backup circuit option worked perfectly to keep our essential services such as freezer and fridge working seamlessly during the outage.” “We are finding that, even on days of long cloudy periods, we can largely supply our needs."

Mr. Kidd said the pair was happily converted to the benefits of solar — both for the environment and their cost of living — using around one kilowatt per day from the grid, while most homes average 20 times that. “For me, solar is a no brainer. It’s clean, cheap and sustainable.” He added that it was important to do your research, and find the best solution for your home. “In my experience a solar consultant, rather than a salesperson, is the only way to ensure the best solution for your home.”

“The benefits were instantaneous." - David and Jenny Kidd So, will you be switching to Solar?

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