What Is It?

The Bill Matching Program is our way of making it as easy as possible for anyone to get Solar Energy for their Home or Business. It's different and it works.

How Does It Work?


we Install your system at no cost.


Your system starts saving you moneY.


THAT MONEY pays the system off.

We cover the costs of your Installation. Your Solar Energy System immediately starts saving you money on your Energy Bill. That money that was going to The Energy Company then pays for your system instead!

We do not need anymore money from you!

Do You Qualify?

Qualification Checklist

If so submit your Application now!

Own Your Home?


Pay Over $300 Per Quarter For Energy?


Have Your Own Roof Space?

Offer Available in Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, Western Australia, South Australia, and Tasmania.

All Solar Energy Systems are Guaranteed Tier 1 and Installed by Clean Energy Council Certified Solar Installers. 

Bill Matching Program

Make Your Solar Pay For Itself!