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Aussie Solar Retailer Reviews

Sun Factory - 4.9 / 5

   Welcome back to another Aussie Solar Retailer Review! If you aren't aware - Aussie Solar Retailer Reviews is our way of giving customers the inside scoop on Australian Solar Retailers. Let's dive in!


Today we're taking a look at Sun Factory - an Australian based Solar Retailer that a lot of people are talking about. Sun Factory is a Clean Energy Council member and is known for only dealing in Premium, High-End Solar Systems. In fact, they say on their website that if you're looking for a cheap and quick solution Sun Factory is not the company for you. Quite the statement! It seems that this is a common thing with High-End Solution providers because as everyone knows - if you go cheap there are always problems.


Sun Factory has a solid name in the industry for doing good work. It's fairly rare to find a company that is able to maintain such a high quality work and service standard.

In terms of product ranges - they generally do not even touch the low-end gear. Equipment is always Tier 1 and backed by some AMAZING warranties. As we know - the industry standard for Warranties is around 5 years, however, Sun Factory offers it's customers anywhere from 10-20 replacement warranties on all of it's hardware. Not many groups out there offer anything close. It's fairly safe to say that Sun Factory just wants to get the job done properly.

Sun Factory Solar has a fully accredited Install team and a great thing that Sun Factory does which is fairly unique is installing customer's systems weeks faster than the competition. While a majority of the industry has 4 week+ wait times, Sun Factory has managed to cut that down to around 1 week. Again - they are ahead of most groups in the industry simply based off of their Warranties!


Based on an amazing track record and nothing but good stories from customers, we rate Sun Factory a 4.9/5 Stars.

4.9 out of 5!